Об обществе

The mission of the Russian National Medical Society of Preventive Cardiology is:

to promote the development of policy, improvement of scientific research, clinical practice and education projects in the field of preventive cardiology in the Russian Federation.

The Russian National Medical Society of Preventive Cardiology (RNMSPC) (before 2013 named – the Russian National Society for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation) was established and officially registered in 2007 with the participation of the Society of Cardiologists of the Russian Federation.

The fundamental objectives for our Society are to promote coordination of specialists in cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation, to set standards of preventive care, cardiac rehabilitation, sports cardiology, and population science through guidelines, position papers, scientific and educational activities. The Society works with international partners to forward these objectives.

The RNMSPC unites cardiologists, general practitioners, recreation therapists and specialists in the areas of preventive medicine and public health. All members are united by the desire to contribute to reducing cardiovascular diseases rate in Russia.

The scientific and professional activities of the RNMSPC are facilitated by four Sections.