Association between eating behaviour and cardiovascular damages

This study aimed to assess the associations between eating behaviour (EB) [emotional eating (EmE), restrained eating, and external eating] and cardiovascular (CV) damage or metabolic syndrome after 13 years, in initially healthy individuals.

This study included 1109 participants from the familial STANISLAS (Suivi Temporaire Annuel Non-Invasif de la Santé des Lorrains Assurés Sociaux) cohort study. EB were assessed using the Dutch Eating Behaviour Questionnaire. Metabolic syndrome and CV damages such as carotid-femoral pulse-wave velocity (cfPWV), left ventricular mass, carotid intima-media thickness, and diastolic dysfunction (DD) were measured after a period of 13 years.

Among adults, EmE was associated with a 38% increased risk of DD 13 years later [odds ratio = 1.38 (1.05; 1.83)]. Stress level mediated 31.9% of this association (P = 0.01). EmE was positively associated with cfPWV (β=0.02 [0.01; 0.04]). External eating was slightly associated with lower cfPWV (β=−0.03 [−0.05; −0.01]). No associations were observed between EB dimensions and metabolic syndrome.

The results of this study suggest that CV prevention should also take into account EB.

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